Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waiting to fall asleep

Two men sat on a bench at the end of the world, staring out at the endless black void that lay in front of them.

After several moments in silence, the first man spoke up.

“You know what I always hated?”


“I hated the way blueberry seeds could get stuck in your teeth, you know? I never liked eating them; the wife always bought them, so I felt the need to. Just awful.”


“She never listened to me when I told her about this. Never really listened at all. She always had trouble hearing me. Bit of a bitch.”

“I hear you.”

“At least someone does. Thank God. I spend my whole life trying to find someone to just sit and listen to me. That’s doesn’t seem like too much to ask, right? Feel like that’s just something everyone expects to find at some point. Someone who listens… and doesn’t expect you to eat crap that you don’t want to. Like blueberries.”

“Used to like blueberries.”

“Well, that makes one of us, doesn’t it? I’d rather drink my own sweat than have to suffer through those.”

A large chunk of the ground near the two men broke off. They heard it hit the limitless cliff once. Twice. Three times before it stops making a sound. They both knew it was still falling.

The first man got up, a look of controlled panic spread across his face.

“I think we should finish this somewhere else. Time to head towards safer waters, you know?”

“Going to stay here a little bit longer. Want some quiet.”

The first man looked at him for a second, unsure what could be said. His hand lingered on the bench. It waited for him to reach out, to follow. It did not happen. He left the second man sitting by himself.

He decided not to say goodbye. Too final for his liking. Best to leave it open for future development.

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